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Studio Policies for Group Classes

Group piano & group voice: $200 for a 10-week session. 


Mini Musicians: $150 for a 10-week session.

Thursday and Friday group voice lessons are offered through Storybook Theatre. Please see their website to register and for policies regarding those voice lessons. 


Enrollment and Commitment

   - Students may enroll in group classes on a rolling basis.

   - While enrollment is flexible, students are encouraged to commit to a full year from the time they enroll to cover all parts of the curriculum effectively.

   - Each session comprises 10 weeks of classes. To complete the entire program of Mini Musicians or Group Piano, a student would participate in four ten-week sets of classes over a year.


   - Payment is required by the first class for each 10-week session.

   - Students may attend a free trial class before enrolling in a 10-week session. 

   - Upon completing the registration form, an invoice will be emailed. Credit cards, bank transfers, and Apple Pay are accepted payment forms. If prior arrangements are made, tuition may be paid in cash at the first class. 

   - A $20 late fee will be added to any tuition not paid by the 2nd class of a 10-week session package. If payment has not been made by the 3rd class, the student cannot attend further classes until payment is received.

Refunds & Cancellation

   - If a student decides to quit before the end of a 10-week session, they must provide written notice of quitting by email to

   - Upon receipt of written notice, the student will be refunded half of the remaining classes they didn't use in the current session.

    - If Lees Summit Piano cancels a class or session, students will be offered a full refund for the affected classes or the option to transfer their enrollment to a future session.

Make-Up Classes

   - There are no makeup classes available for missed sessions.

Schedule of Weekly Classes

   - Occasionally, there will be a week with no classes due to holidays or the teacher's acting schedule. Families will be notified with as much advance notice as possible. These weeks are not considered canceled and do not count as a week in a student's 10-week session. This calendar is accurate about 8 weeks out at any time. Beyond 8 weeks, it may not have been updated yet for the actual schedule. Check the monthly email newsletter each month for the exact dates of classes.

Substitute Teacher Policy

   - Occasionally, another teacher may cover a class instead of the usual instructor. 

   - All efforts will be made to introduce the substitute teacher to the students beforehand by having them attend another class, allowing the students to become acquainted with them.

   - Parents will be promptly notified if there is a scheduled substitute teacher for their child's class.


Parental Involvement Policy

   - An adult is required to participate alongside the child in Mini Musicians classes.

   - Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting area for group voice or piano classes. Still, they are kindly requested to maintain quietness and refrain from causing distractions, as it is a shared space. Alternatively, parents may drop off their child. They are asked to accompany their child to the door upon arrival and pick them up from the door after class.

   - Children can only leave the premises with an approved adult.

Recital Policy for Group Voice Classes

   - Two recitals are scheduled annually: a winter recital in December and a spring recital in May. All students enrolled in group voice classes are strongly encouraged to participate in these recitals.

   - The cost of participation in the recitals is included in the tuition fees.

   - Depending on circumstances and logistics, recitals may be conducted virtually, in person, or in combination.

   - Mini Musicians and group piano students will not perform in the recitals.

Fee Adjustments and Policy Review

   - Fees are subject to periodic review and adjustment. Any changes will be communicated to students in advance. These policies will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary, with any changes communicated to students in advance.

By adhering to these policies, we aim to maintain transparency, fairness, and a conducive learning environment for all our students. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further clarification.

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