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Guidelines and Policies for Guest Contributors


We’re excited that you want to contribute an article to Lee’s Summit Piano’s blog! Having articles published on our blog can be a great way to share your experience and expertise with others. This blog is for piano students and parents of piano students. Please only submit article proposals with that focus in mind. We prefer pitches over completed submissions. We can respond more quickly that way. 


Ready to pitch?


  • Please email your article proposals to

  • Tell us about yourself. If you have specific experience or expertise, tell us! If you have links to existing writing, please share!

  • Include [GUEST PITCH] in your subject line.


Response time is 1-2 weeks. If you haven’t heard back in 2 weeks, feel free to follow up at the same email address.

Ready to write?


Below are a few basic guidelines for writing your guest blog post:


1. Write a descriptive title that tells the reader what value the article will provide. 


2. Write well; check grammar, spelling, syntax. 

Minor edits, such as typos or missing punctuation, may be made to your article by us. Any major or substantive edit requests or feedback will be shared for you to make the changes. 


3. Make your article an appropriate length.

Articles should be a minimum of 400 words. Longer pieces (1000+ words) benefit from being broken up some with bulleted lists and section headings.


4. Reference and link to authoritative sources.

Please cite relevant and authoritative sources where appropriate. If a source link will add value to the article, by all means, please include it. 


5. Submit your article in a shared Google document.

Share with


6. Include a 1-3 sentence bio and a headshot. 

These may be included inside the document or shared separately by email. You may include one or two links to your social media or website. 


7. Let your unique voice shine! 

If you write conversationally, write conversationally. If you prefer a more academic voice, go for it! 


Content Ownership

The author retains all ownership rights of the article and grants Lees Summit Piano the right to post the article on its blog in perpetuity. If the article has not been published before, Lees Summit Piano requests that contributed articles remain exclusive to our site for five business days, after which time they may be reprinted in part or full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on our site.


Articles must be the original work of the author. If co-authored, any co-authors must approve of the inclusion of the article on our blog. 


Promotional Content

Promoting a business, product, or service is permitted if the promotional content is relevant to the article. This determination is entirely at the discretion of Lees Summit Piano. Please disclose any commercial relationship you have with any business, product, or service you review, promote, or recommend.

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