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Owner & Teacher

HeatherAnne Norbury

​My name is HeatherAnne. My basic music background is that I studied piano performance for 6 years and vocal performance for 12 years. I’ve taught piano for almost a decade and online since spring 2020. 

My more complicated backstory tells a story you may have heard before - a kid with talent and an overzealous parental figure driving that kid to relive their lost opportunities. For me, that person was my grandmother. My “edgy backstory” brought me to my core value for teaching. I learned classical music and opera because I was required to... because that was "the right way" and any other music was a "waste" of my talent. As an adult, I have realized and honored the importance of playing music I love and music that brings me joy. And that love and joy is NEVER a waste. I have learned to advocate for myself and am prepared to advocate for my students. I carry that history with me into my teaching. I want my students to know that music is accessible. It's not "high falootin'". Any music that brings you joy is music worth playing and pursuing. 

I would be honored to help bring your family the joy of music. Music and music education can be inspiring, challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling—all while also being fun! 



Alexandra Rovirosa

I’ve been teaching piano and voice locally over the past twelve years. I began playing the piano when I was five and vocal training at sixteen, and spent most of my teens and twenties playing the piano for various events. I’ve sang in multiple musicals, in choir, and I’ve received training at Metropolitan Community College and University of Missouri Kansas City.


My goal is for every student to love their instrument and what they do.  I enjoy connecting with my students and i want to build confidence in every student as they have fun with their instrument.


I am also passionate about theatre, and I’m the founder and artistic director of A Place For Us Productions, a brand new theatre company in Kansas City.

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